Monday, 19 May 2014

First Android Release - Parachute Plunge

I've finished and released my first Android platform game: Parachute Plunge.

It was all done in my spare time outside of being a full time postie. You take control of squirrel Steve as he plunges past branches and birds in a flappy bird styled endless vertical runner. Each run grants you experience which is put towards earning player levels. Each level (up to 25) grants the player a new parachute and attire for his journey down from the heights of the forest ceiling, from union jack styled chutes to pirate, luchador and soldier attired squirrels.

 Medals are also awarded for high scores, which when activated in the costume menu give various game objects a slightly altered appearance.

Updates are possible depending on the amount of downloads and how well received it becomes, however development on my next game has already begun which is a 2d bike racer.